Below Freezing-athon

Tomorrow is the last day of the season with an average high of 32 degrees for warmer until next spring.  Then for the next 104 days the average high will be below 32 degrees in Fargo Moorhead.  Of course that does not mean we will not be seeing any melting during this stretch, in fact, historically we average 20 days with a high at or above 32 degrees during December, January and February, the three principle months of winter.

Although some winters we have only recorded a handful of above freezing days, last year the official high at Hector Int’l reached or exceeded the freezing mark on 53 occasions from December 1 through February 29.  That was more than the previous four winters combined.  You may remember that all four of those winters finished colder than average and last winter was the warmest on record.

That is another great example of the high variability from year to year this region experiences.