The New Season

Today not only marks the last day of the month, but in weather also the last day of autumn, meaning tomorrow will be the beginning of climatological winter.  Any forecast you may hear for winter is always referencing the three coldest months of the year, December, January and February.

Granted, our winter goes well beyond those three months, but even locally, those are the core months of the winter season.  The average temperature for the next three months in Fargo Moorhead is 12.6 degrees.  Four out of the last five winters finished with an average temperature below that mark, the exception of course was last year when we recorded the warmest winter on record.  Although our seasonal average snowfall is 50.1 inches, the three principal months of winter the average snowfall is 29.4 inches and the average liquid equivalency (rain and melted snow) is 2.14 inches.

Averages are just that, averages, and the weather the next 90 days will likely be highly variable.