Signs Of Winter

What are the signs of winter?  Persistent snow cover?  Frosty windshields?  Icy roads? Temperatures below zero? For most of us, the answer is likely all of the above, plus a few others.  Today brings yet another sign that winter is definitely here, a record high in the 40s.  Today is the first day of the season with a record high below 50 degrees.

Today’s record high is 47 degrees set 10 years ago in 2002.  As we learned on numerous days last winter, high temperatures during the winter can get into the 50s.   Yet from today until February 22, about two-thirds of the days will have a record high in the 40s, the rest will be in the 50s.  The lowest record high is 40 degrees on both January 3 and January 15 meaning that Fargo Moorhead does not have any record highs in the 30s.

The next day with a record high in the 60s will be on February 25 with a record of 66 degrees set in 1958, a mere 77 days from now.