When Winter Was Hard

Winter can be a very hard time of the year for many of us.  The persistent ice on many surfaces makes it difficult to both drive and walk.  The bitter cold forces many people to stay home frequently and besides a wave from driveway to driveway as we are shoveling, we tend to not see our neighbors very much.

It is with that backdrop that every winter I think back to the original European settlers in this area living in a so called “shanty” or “soddie” that were frequently just one room.  In that one room an entire family lived, slept and ate in just a few hundred square feet of space.  The nearest neighbor may be a mile or more away and the then treeless prairie was very prone to whiteout conditions with little if any warning.

Winter may or may not be your favorite season, but modern technology has certainly made it a much more pleasant season then it was a couple of generations ago and for that we can be thankful.