In the Atlantic Ocean they are called hurricanes.   In the western Pacific they are referred to as typhoons.  In the southern Pacific and in the Indian Ocean they are referenced as tropical cyclones.  The tropical cyclone season is just beginning and already one has brought devastation.

Somoa and neighboring American Somoa were hit last week by Tropical Cyclone Evan.   Evan was a Category 2 Tropical Cyclone when it made a direct hit on Upolu, the eastern of the two principle islands of Somoa.  It then moved northeast with the eye wall just missing American Somoa and then it stalled and moved back toward Somoa with the eye wall barely missing them again.  That track kept high wind and torrential rainfall over the area for a few days. Tragically at least three deaths were attributed to Evan with two of those deaths being young children.

The storm then intensified into a Category 4 storm and headed southwest and had major impacts on Fiji on Monday.