Record Record Highs

As 2012 comes to a close, so do the final weather statistics for the year.  2012 will go down as the warmest year since 1881 in Fargo Moorhead and also one of the driest.  Although this past year did not record any extreme summer heat like other notable warm years in the past, at other times of this year, the temperatures could be considered extreme, especially in January and March.

During those two months, 11 record high temperatures were recorded, including the warmest January temperature on record.  In all, 18 record highs were recorded this past year ranking 2012 as having the most record highs of any year, surpassing both 1936 and 1931 that currently hold 15 record highs.

No record lows were recorded in 2012, in fact, the last record low temperature recorded in Fargo Moorhead was nearly three years ago on January 2, 2010 when the temperature dropped to -33 that morning.


Edit: fixed typo from two to three years in last sentence.