January Heat

A year ago today, it was a Thursday for the record book.  After recording a high of 41 degrees the previous day, which tied the record for January 4 last set back in 2001.  The next day even warmer air moved into the area.  With the lack of snow cover, abundant sunshine and a favorable west wind, the temperature soared into the 50s.

The official high that day at Hector Int’l was 55 degrees.  Not only did that shatter the record for the day, which was previously just 40 degrees, it also surpassed the record for the warmest temperature in the month of January since records started in 1881.  On January 20, 1908 the temperature reached 54 degrees locally and that high stood untouched for over 100 years before it was broken a year ago today.   Another record was broken the following day when the high reached 44 degrees.  Then two more records were broken on January 9 and 10 making for five record highs or ties in a week.

January 2012 finished tied as the 4th warmest on record.