The Bottom

Our average high has now bottomed out at 18 degrees.  It will stay at 18 degrees until January 23 when it will begin to rise and continue to rise until mid July.  Our average low will drop one more degree to -1 in a couple of days, and remain at that level until January 22 before it begins to rise.  Both of those averages will rise very slowly until mid February.

On Valentine’s Day, for example, our average high and low will only be 23 and 5 meaning the two averages only jump about one degree every four or five days once that upward trend begins next week.  The true surge of warmth in our area really does not arrive until March. That month the average high will jump from 29 to 46 degrees or about a degree every other day.

The temperatures last Thursday gave us a brief taste of what will become common in March, but for now, we are in the grasp of Arctic air and just getting back to those averages will feel awfully good.