More Sun

You have likely noticed the later sunsets in recent days.  The Sun now sets around 5:30 PM in Fargo Moorhead.  A few days before the winter solstice the Sun set was at 4:38 PM, meaning we have gained nearly an hour in the past five weeks in the afternoon.

In the morning, it has been another story.  The sun rises now around 7:55 AM, which has been a gain of only around 18 minutes from our latest sunrise of 8:13 AM several days after the winter solstice.  Although sun rise times have not improved much so far, in the next couple of weeks you will likely notice a faster acceleration in the mornings. If you enjoy the early morning sun, there is a note of caution.

The recent changes to when daylight saving time starts will greatly impact the mornings.  By early March our sunrise will be around 7:00 AM, but then on March 10 when daylight saving time starts, the sunrise will go back to 8:00 AM and then the whole process will start once again.