Extra Snow

The snowfall on Monday in Fargo Moorhead pushed the snow depth up to 7 inches, the highest of the season so far.  Last winter, like this year, the snow depth was generally minimal, although, it did peak at 9 inches in early March.

Since snow depth records have been kept during the winter of 1892-1893 the average maximum snow depth locally has been 13 inches.  The record snow depth was recorded during the infamous winter of 1996-1997 when 32 inches was recorded in March.  In more recent winters, the snow seasons of 2008-9, 2009-10, 2010-11 all recorded a maximum depth around 20 inches which has likely attributed to the sense of so little snow in these past two years.

Lack of snow cover was particularly noticeable in the late 1950s.  The six winters from 1954-55 to 1959-1960 all never had a snow depth above 8 inches and those were also years with very little total snowfall as well.