Be Positive

Last Tuesday, February 19, the official high in Fargo Moorhead was -1 degree.  The average last sub-zero high temperature occurs on February 9.  You never say never in this climate, yet, considering we have recorded only three sub-zero high temperatures during the month of March in the past 40 years, it is quite likely that the next day with a temperature remaining below zero will not occur until next winter.

Although it is unlikely for the immediate area to record another sub-zero high this cold season, that is not the case for our morning low.  The long-term average date for our last below zero low temperature of the winter occurs on March 11.  In fact, the last below zero low has occurred in March for the past six winters in a row.

hat means that even during last years record breaking March, the temperature dropped to -5 on March 5, then the warmth hit with a vengeance with the high hitting 76 degrees just 12 days later.