March Is Here

March is the month when winter slowly begins to end in the Red River Valley.  The average high climbs from 29 degrees on the 1st to 46 degrees on the 31st.  It is likely that by the end of this month the snow cover from winter will be gone.

Granted, there may still be snow sitting on the ground on April 1, but usually if there is, it was from a late March snow event rather than the old snow from winter.  The average low will climb from 12 degrees to 26 degrees over the course of the month.  The overall average temperature climbs from 14.6 degrees in February to 27.8 degrees in March, and then makes the leap to 44.2 degrees in April.

The current average precipitation for the month of March is 1.30 inches of rain and melted snow.  This month averages 9.1 inches of snow but recent years have recorded quite the range from no measurable snow in 2010 to 28.1 inches in 2009.  In 2012 2.6 inches was measured.