The Winter Of 2012-13

The winter of 2011-12 was one many of us may never forget.  The average temperature last winter was 22.1 degrees, the warmest on record.  Our just completed winter was nearly 10 degrees cooler with an average temperature of 12.7 degrees.

Although much colder than that remarkable winter we experienced last year, the past three months finished right near the 30 year average winter temperature of 12.6 degrees.  That was warm enough to rank the winter of 2012-13 as the 37th warmest winter since 1881.

Total snowfall for the three principal months of winter was 28.7 inches in comparison to the average of 29.4 inches.  Although the amount of snow fall these past three months was close to the average, the moisture content was above average.  In total, 2.56 inches of rain and melted snow was recorded from December 1 through February 28 which is 0.42 inches above the 30 year winter average.