It Was A Great One

A year ago today, the high temperature was 50 degrees in Fargo.  The previous afternoon, March 9, 2012, the high was 32 degrees.  That ended up being the last day of the season with a high temperature at or below freezing.  Our average last day of Spring with a high temperature of 32 degrees or lower occurs on April 2.  The earliest such occurrence was February 26, 1973 and the latest was recorded on May 5, 1931.

Starting with that 50 degree high a year ago, the rest of March had a stretch of warm weather moved into the area that had not been recorded so early in the year since 1910.  From March 11 through March 19, six record highs were either tied or broken and on the other three days the temperature was just shy of the record.

Unlike last year, this March the temperatures have been much closer to average and the average first 50 degree day is not until March 18 and the first average 70 degree day of Spring does not arrive until April 18.