The Ides Of Cold

So far this month has been cold, but not as cold as the first half of March 1897, then one hundred years later we also had a very cold first half of March in 1997.  That month started with a blizzard on March 3 and 4 that dumped 16 inches of snow locally.  After that event our average snow depth was recorded at 32 inches, the most on record.  The low on March 5, 1997 was -22 degrees.

A brief warm up followed that storm with a few days above freezing, but on March 13, 1997 another storm dropped 7 more inches of snow pushing our snow depth back to near 30 inches once again.  Plus, the temperature dropped to -18 on March 15.

But that was the last of the significant snow for the month and a couple of weeks in the 30s and 40s melted those 32 inches of snow by April 3.  Once the current weather pattern changes, our snow cover will likely melt in about 10 days, but for now, the pattern remains cold.