St. Patrick’s Day To Be Remembered

A year ago today, the high in Fargo Moorhead was 76 degrees.  That broke the previous St. Patrick’s Day record of 73 degrees set back in 1968.  The following day, March 18, 2012 the high was 78 degrees which came close to tying the all-time highest recorded temperature for the month of March of 80 degrees set on March 23, 1910.

Perhaps even more impressive was the low temperature on March 18, 2012 of 60 degrees.  Not only did that break the daily high minimum record by 19 degrees, it broke the monthly record by 12 degrees.  Previous to last year, the record for the warmest daily low temperature in the month of March was 48 degrees set in 1910, 1945 and in 2007.

March 18 was not the only day with a low temperature above that previous high minimum set during that phenomenally mild stretch in March 2012 as we recorded a low of 57 degrees on March 19 and 51 degrees on March 23.