March Top Ten?

The warmest temperature so far this month was a 35 degree high last Thursday, March 14.  The record for the lowest high temperature in March was back in 1969 when the maximum temperature was only 37 degrees.  Clearly, this month has a long ways to go and the odds are we will record at least a few days in the 40s as the month closes, but for now, that record has a chance to be broken.

The warmest temperature so far in 2013 was a 43 degree high back on January 10.  There have been only 11 other years with a maximum high temperature cooler than that through the end of March.  The weather recently has likely seemed cold because of our perceptions of not only last year, but also in 2010 when the area recorded an early and pleasant spring.

Yet, even though we will likely not end up in the Top 10 coldest Marches on record, this month may break into the Top 20 coldest