Cold Is Common

I have been asked frequently in the past week when was the last time we had a March this cold. Usually, I get a surprised look when I say, March 2011. It was a snowy cold month just like this year. The average temperature was about 20 degrees, which is just a few degrees from where this month will probably finish.

One distinct difference was that March did have at least a few days in the 40s and much of the snow pack melted before a significant snow event dropped 7 inches of snow on March 22 and 23 of that year. Another recent cold March was recorded back in 2002. That March occurred after a very mild winter that currently ranks as the 5th warmest on record. The winter months were so warm that March 2002 almost had the lowest average temperature of any month during that cold season.

nly January finished colder than March that winter. Cold Marches are generally not what many of us want, but in this climate, they are far more common than the mild ones.