More Negatives

With the addition of several below zero readings this month, the total number of days Fargo Moorhead has recorded a negative low temperature this cold season is now at 43 days.  The long term average since 1881 is 49 such days and the average over the past 30 years has been 41 negative days.

During the winter of 2011-12 Hector Int’l only dropped below zero on 16 days, which was the 3rd lowest total on record.  Only the winters of 1986-87 and 1930-31 recorded fewer below zero mornings than was recorded last winter.  Although many recent cold seasons have recorded fewer than normal negative days, there have been a few exceptions.

The winter of 2010-11 had 52 days below zero and the winter of 2008-009 ended up with 61 such days.  The most in recent years was the brutal winter of 1996-1997 when the airport dropped below zero on 67 times.