Melting Gone Missing

One of the most noticeable elements during this cold March has been the lack of days with a temperature above 32 degrees.  Tomorrow looks to be only the third day this month with a high above freezing.  That would rank this month as having the second fewest such days on record with only March 1898 recording fewer when only two such days occurred.  Of course, the month is not quite over and the forecast would suggest more melting days are coming, but the most we can get is six total days (and likely will end up with five) above 32 degree days meaning this month will finish either ranked as the 4th or 5th fewest such days on record.

Other recent Marches with very few days above freezing include, 1969 with five days, 1965 with six days and 1975 with 7 days.  On the other extreme, in 1973, all 31 days of March recorded a high above freezing.  Last year, March 2012, recorded 26 such days which is tied for the 7th most since records began in 1881.


Looks like we will end up with 6 days this month, tied for the 4th fewest on record.

3 thoughts on “Melting Gone Missing

  1. Today is above 32. Right now it is 36. Your forecast was for 30. Kind of a big miss, huh?

  2. Fargo was on the edge of the slightly warmer air yesterday. My forecast for Detroit Lakes, Fergus Falls were very good. For Grand Forks also within a degree. Fargo, the “warm” air moved about 30-40 miles farther north then I projected. You’re only as good as your last forecast and 6 degrees isn’t my worst forecast I have ever made and won’t be in the future either.

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