April On Paper Only

With the lack of melting in March, Fargo Moorhead residents will be starting the month of April with nearly all the winter snow cover still on the ground. I have written through the years that it is unusual to enter April with much snow on the ground, unless there was a late March snow event.  Two years ago, April 2011 did have 6 inches of the winter snow cover still on the ground, but that was gone by April 4.

In the record breaking winter of 1996-97 when an average of 32 inches of snow was on the ground in early March of that season, the snow depth on April 1 was down to 6 inches and it was also gone on April 4, although, a horrible blizzard dropped 7 inches of snow two days later. But this year the snow pack is likely going to last well beyond the first few days of the month.

Probably the only years on record similar to this year in carrying so much of the winter snow pack into April were 1969 and 1989 and neither of those had as much on the ground as we do this year.