The official recording of temperature and precipitation data started in Moorhead on January 1, 1881.  It was not until April 17, that year, did the observer record a temperature at or above 50 degrees, but on this date in 1881, the high was written down as 57 degrees.  Every year since that first year of record keeping the first 50 degree day occurred earlier than that date.  In fact, the overall average of such an occurrence through the years is nearly a month earlier on March 18. 

That record stood for 131 years, but the warmest high so far in 2013 has only been 43 degrees and with no chance of hitting 50 degrees today or any time soon, this spring will now set the future late standard for reaching that milestone.  Now that we have broken the latest 50 degree high on record, the next milestone is 60 degrees. 

The average first 60 degree day is April 3 and the latest on record was May 6, 1893.   

Edit:  It is official, no 50 degree reading yesterday, so a new record is set and continuing.  Grand Forks needs to make it to midnight on April 21 to break the record there.