March In April

The cold weather that dominated most of this month has set a few milestones.  The first 25 days were the coldest such period on record and all of those days had at least 1 inch of snow on the ground.  That was the first time since snow records began that the winter snowpack lasted so long into April.  The first 25 days of April were also all below average, plus, including March, Fargo Moorhead recorded 46 straight days with a daily average temperature at or below normal.

45 of those days the temperature was below normal and just one day was right on the average.It will likely surprise no one to learn that most of those days the temperature was well below normal.

The month of April recorded 16.7 inches of snow which will rank as the 4th snowiest on record (as no more is expected this month), but only missed a tie for 2nd place by 0.2 inches.  The snowiest April on record was back in 1904 when 17.4 inches was measured.