Full Of Snow

As the month of April comes to a close, most individuals in the Midwest will likely not forget this month for a very long time.  The residents of one city in particular definitely had a month to remember.  Duluth, Minnesota recorded 50.8 inches of snow this month. 

That total surpassed the 31.6 inches of snow that fell in April, 1950 the previous snowiest April on record by an astounding 19.2 inches.  This month also surpassed the 50.1 inches that fell during November, 1991 to become the overall snowiest month in the city since records have been kept.   The 50.8 inches that fell this month brought the seasonal total in Duluth to 129.4 inches which is currently the 3rd snowiest cold season on record for the city. 

Although the seasonal total so far has fallen short of the record, 95.7 inches of that total has fallen since February 1, making the period from February 1 through April 30 the snowiest such period on record by 27.2 inches.