Top 5 For Cold

With only five days left in the month, April 2013 was on track to be the coldest April on record.  The last five days were warm enough to surpass four other Aprils and therefore last month finished as the 5th coldest April since records began in 1881.  The average temperature last month was 33.8 degrees.  T

hat was not much warmer than the coldest April on record which occurred in 1893 that recorded an average temperature of 33.0 degrees.  The other colder Aprils included 1907 with an average of 33.1 degrees, 1881 with an average of 33.3 degrees and 1950 with an average temperature of 33.5 degrees.  So although last month finished as the 5th coldest on record, it was certainly very close to being the coldest on record.

Many of you may recall that the lakes in Minnesota with ice out data to at least 1950 have that year as the latest ice out year on record and the temperatures so far this spring are nearly identical to what occurred in that year.