Top 5 For Snow

Last month finished as the 5th coldest April on record.  Not only did we finish in the Top 5 for cold temperatures, but also for snowfall.  The official observer in north Moorhead measured 16.7 inches of snow last month which ranked as the 4th snowiest April on record.  A couple of days ago in a previous blog I mentioned that although April ranked as the 5th coldest on record, we came within 1 degree of breaking the monthly record. 

It was also a similar scenario for snowfall last month.The 16.7 inches that was measured barely missed the April snow record of 17.4 inches set in 1904.  The other two years with a higher snow totals in the month of April were in 2008 with 16.9 inches and 16.8 inches recorded in 1937.   In total, 2.11 inches of liquid equivalency of recorded last month.

 It was a rare April in the sense that almost all of that moisture came from snowfall as only 0.05 inches of rain was recorded with 2.06 inches coming from melted snow.