Another Snowy Spring

We live in a climate where you probably never should say never, but the odds are extremely low that this area will record any more snowfall this season.  So unless something unforeseen occurs, our current spring (March through May) will end up ranking as the 2nd snowiest on record.  In total, 31.3 inches of snow was measured by our official observer in north Moorhead since March 1.

Only one spring, 1997, was more snow recorded when 33.6 inches was measured.  Our spring snow total of 31.3 inches was nearly one-half of the total snow recorded this cold season.  This past winter, 68.4 inches of snow fell in Fargo Moorhead which will rank as the 11th snowiest on record.

Other recent springs with abundant snow include, 2009 with 28.3 inches (4th highest) and 2008 when 28.1 inches fell (5th highest).  Therefore, three out of the five snowiest springs on record have all occurred in the past five years.