Big Jump

The low temperature on Sunday was 24 degrees at Hector Int’l.  On Monday, the sensor at the airport recorded a maximum temperature of 93 degrees.  That is a difference of 69 degrees in approximately 36 hours. That is tied for the 5th highest difference over a two day period since records started in 1881.

The record occurred in May, 1926.  On May 3, 1926 the low was 18 degrees.  The following day on May 4, the high temperature was 93 degrees for a difference of 75 degrees over the two days.  Other notable two day differences occurred on January 6/7, 1924 from -35 degrees to +36 degrees and from April 14/15, 1926 as the temperature changed from a low of 14 degrees to a high of 85 degrees, both 71 degree differences. 

It should be noted that modern electronic thermometers detect sudden rises and falls of temperature more efficiently then the old mercury or alcohol thermometers used in the past; yet, the difference from Sunday morning to Monday afternoon was striking.