Early 90

On Monday afternoon both airports in town record a high temperature above 90 degrees.  The Moorhead Municipal Airport had a maximum temperature of 91 degrees and Hector Int’l recorded a high of 93 degrees.  The average date of the first 90 degrees reading in a year historically has been on June 9.  That average date is derived for the years when a 90 degree day was recorded, as one year, 1915, the high temperature failed to reach 90 degrees at any point during that year. 

You will likely recall that the first 50 degree day of 2013 broke the record for the latest such occurrence on record. Then the first 60 degree and 70 degree day arrived well after the average, but the first 80 degree day occurred right near the average and our first 90 degree came early. 

This is yet another example on how quickly the patterns can change in the highly dynamic climate we live in here in the center of the North American continent.