The Warmest Three

With the warmest three months of the year now beginning, the average temperatures will not fluctuate much through the end of August.  Our current average high temperature is 74 degrees.  The average high will peak at 83 degrees for a few days in the middle of July, then drop to 77 degrees on the last day of August.  It will be in September that a noticeable drop in the average temperature occurs when the average drops from 77 degrees on September 1 to just 64 degrees on September 30. 

Our current average low is 52 degrees and that will peak at 60 degrees for a few days in the middle of July and then drop back to 54 degrees at the end of August.  The overall average summer temperature is 68.8 degrees. 

Fargo Moorhead averages 3.90 inches of rain in June, by far the highest average of for any month of the year.  The average total rainfall for July is 2.79 inches and in August the average is 2.56 inches.  Taken together the total summer average rainfall is 9.25 inches.