Double Digit Junes

If you have one of our StormTRACKER Weather calendars you may have noticed that there are very few triple digit records in the month of June.  Since records began in 1881, the official high temperature in Fargo Moorhead has reached 100 degrees or higher only nine times in the month of June.  The last 100 degree high this month was on June 17, 1995.  That particular 100 degree day was the first one in June since 1933.  Therefore, of those nine 100 degree days recorded in June, eight of them occurred 80 or more years ago.  Plus, more than one-half of the June 100 degree days occurred in just two years. June 1933 recorded four 100 degree days and June 1931 recorded two. Therefore, of the 132 previous Junes in the record book, in only six of them did the high temperature reach 100 degrees or higher, making high heat this time of year quite rare.