Cold Spring 2013

According to The National Climatic Data Center (NCDC), this past spring (March through May) was the 4th coldest on record for the state of North Dakota and it was the 3rd coldest for Minnesota.  So yes, it was indeed a very miserable spring in much of the upper Midwest.

You may recalled that this past spring locally in Fargo Moorhead ranked as the 10th coldest on record, but it should be noted that our records go back to 1881, whereas, NCDC’s database for statistics only goes back to 1895.  If data from 1895 and after was used then this past spring would have ranked as the 7th coldest on record locally.  Not only was it a cold spring, but a wet one as well. 

Spring 2013 was the 5th wettest on record in North Dakota and Minnesota recorded the 8th wettest.