Across The Street

As any Realtor will tell you, it is all about location, location, location. Just as two similar homes will sell for different prices based on location, the weather will vary greatly based on your location as well.  There has probably never been a better example of this than the heavy rain events of the past month. 

On the evening of May 29 into early May 30, 4.62 inches of rain was recorded at Hector Int’l.  The rain gauge at NDSU, just one-half mile away recorded around 3 inches and portions of south Fargo, about 5 miles away had less than 1.5 inches.  This past week nearly 4 inches fell at the airport and once again, a few miles away, some parts of the south metro less than 2 inches was reported. 

The sensor at Hector Int’l has recorded over 20 inches of rain so far this year, a record for the first six months of a year, whereas if the sensor happened to be in a different part of town, the year would not even ranked in the top 15.