First Half Records

Yesterday, I wrote about the huge range in precipitation amounts across Fargo Moorhead in recent weeks.  Rain totals from north metro to south metro has varied by as much as 5 inches in the past 5 weeks.  But because the official statistics are kept at the airport, the first six months of 2013 will go down as the wettest on record in Fargo Moorhead. 

In total, January through June the airport recorded 20.63 inches of rain and melted snow, that is nearly 2 inches greater than the previous record for that period set back in 2000 when 18.83 inches fell during that time frame. As a reference, last year, only 7.42 inches was recorded during the first half of 2012.  A vast majority of the rain this year occurred in May and June, principally from two events, the 4.62 inches on May 29 and 30 and the 3.96 inches that fell this past Tuesday Night into early Wednesday morning. 

In total 14.89 inches of rain fell at the airport these past two months which is more than fell during all of 2012.