The Dreaded Symbol

Our cold season can get very long.  Once the warm weather finally arrives, spending time outdoors is something many of us cherish.  This of course is especially true on weekends and holidays when almost everyone pays close attention to the forecast.  Although everyone understands that rain is essential, most people just wished it occurred at night and not on weekends.  This means that when a thunderstorm symbol appears on a weekend or a holiday forecast almost everyone takes notice.  

Through the years, the weather center may take almost as many phone calls when thunderstorms are forecasted on a weekend than we do for an approaching snow event.  But as a reminder, most days with thunderstorms, the rain is a small percentage of the day and much of the time the weather is pleasant.  But in this climate we all know the weather can change quickly and on those days when scattered thunderstorms are forecasted, do not cancel your plans, just be prepared for an indoor activity just in case.