June Drought

Although the Atlantic hurricane season begins on June 1, land falling hurricanes during the first month of the season in the United States are quite rare.  There has not been a direct hit on the United States by a hurricane in the month of June since Bonnie came on shore near the Texas/Louisiana border on June 26, 1986. 

Numerous tropical storms have impacted the country in June, including Andrea this year, but hurricanes are the exception rather than the rule this early in the year.  Previous to Bonnie in 1986, other more recent hurricanes to have impacted the United States in June include Agnes in 1972, Alma in 1966 and Audrey in 1957.  Audrey was the most powerful land falling hurricane during the month of June since records have with peak wind estimated at 145 mph. 

The June with the most land falling hurricanes occurred back when Grover Cleveland was president.  In June 1886 three hurricanes impacted the country, the only June on record with more than one hurricane striking the country.