Climate Utopia

Often times during my public speaking appearances, I talk about the concept of climate utopia.  It is a reference to how common it is for people to think that what they see today will be the way things will always be.  Put another way, the future will be a perfect utopia with no changes.

Although it has occurred numerous times during the past few thousands years, no one would have likely guessed the change that occurred to Devils Lake from 1993-1996 that continues to be a problem today and will likely be for years to come.  When you buy a new lake cabin you always imagine the shoreline will be static, but lake rises and falls are and always will be a natural progression over time.  In recent years it seems no matter what the weather, it is reported as extreme or unusual, when in fact it all a normal part of our highly dynamic, ever varying atmosphere.

Change is often difficult, but that does not mean it is unusual or unique.