One State Two Notables

In the past two weeks, both Montana and California recorded the nation’s warmest and coldest daily temperature.  Both states of course are large and have diverse topography.  In the warm season the nation’s cold spot is almost always a city located in a high mountain valley.  The city that is very commonly the coolest spot in the summer is Stanley, Idaho.  A city surrounded by high mountains allowing the valley the city is located in to cool to the 30s on most mornings this time of year 

Another cool summer spot is Truckee, California in the Sierra Mountains. Because Death Valley frequently records the warmest temperature in the nation, California, is the most likely state to record the warmest and coolest temperature observed in the lower 48 on the same day.  Last week cloud cover kept many spots in the desert southwest a bit cooler than normal, allowing Montana to record both the high and low temperature on the same day. Not unheard of, yet certainly a change of pace from what often occurs this time of year.