And The Winner Is…

In the last weather talk, the topic dealt with an individual state recording both the daily highest and lowest temperature in the nation.  Although anything is possible, the odds that North Dakota or Minnesota recording the highest and lowest temperature on any given day are virtually zero.  Of course, this area does record the coldest reading in the lower 48 states each winter on occasion, but for this area to record the highest temperature on any given day is quite rare. 

According to a study done by Steven Dutch, a professor at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, from 1995 through 2006, 97% of the national daily high temperatures occurred in just four states: Florida, Texas, Arizona and California.  

The last time (I do believe) that Fargo Moorhead recorded or tied for the warmest temperature in the nation was on June 17, 1995 when we hit 100 degrees (Grand Forks was 100 that day as well). Fargo Moorhead was also tied for the warmest temperature in the nation on April 21, 1980 when we recorded our earliest 100 degree day on record.