Lack Of Majors

The last time the United States was struck by a major hurricane (Category 3,4 or 5) was on October 19, 2005 when Wilma impacted Florida.  2005 was an exceptionally busy year for land falling hurricanes in the country.  This current period without a major hurricane hitting the lower 48 states is the longest since at least the Civil War. 

Some may say we are “overdue” for a major hurricane to hit somewhere in the country, but of course, the atmosphere does what it does and through the centuries periods of active and less active stretches have always occurred.  Back in 1954 the east coast recorded three major hurricanes in less than 10 weeks, which is no more abnormal than our current stretch of nearly eight years without a major hurricane.   

As we learned with Hurricane Sandy just last year, it does not take a major hurricane to cause horrific damage along the heavily populated coastal areas of the United States.  The streak will eventually end and it could easily do so yet this year.