The August 1976 Heat Wave

It was during this week in 1976 that this region was in the midst of one of the most severe heat waves on record.  For nine consecutive days from August 18-26 the temperature reached or exceeded 90 degrees.  That is the second longest stretch of 90 degree or above temperatures on record, only exceeded by the blistering hot stretch in July 1936 when fifteen such days were recorded. 

That August 1976 heat wave moved in suddenly as temperatures went from the 80s to three straight days well above 100 degrees on August 18, 19, 20.  The highs those days were 106, 105 and 104 degrees.  That was one of only three times since records started in 1881 that Fargo Moorhead has recorded three or more straight days in the triple digits.  Then, after three days in the 90s, the temperature reached 100 again on August 24 that year for a total of four 100 degree days in that nine day stretch. 

As a reference, Fargo Moorhead has recorded just four 100 degrees in the past 24 years.