The September Drop

The average high and low today is 77 and 53 degrees.  At the end of the month the average high and low will drop to 64 and 41 degrees.  Although the recent warm weather still has most of us thinking summer, our first frost of summer usually occurs during the month of September. 

The current 30 year average first 32 degree or lower temperature of fall is September 30, with the long-term average (all years since 1881) being on September 25.  Last year, even after one of the warmest summers on record, the first frost of autumn occurred early on September 18, with some other locations recording frost on the morning of September 9 when the low reached 36 degrees at Hector Int’l. 

The past 90 days the average high temperatures have only fluctuating from 74 to 83 degrees, but a much more rapid change usually occurs in September with noticeably cooler weather coming in the next few weeks.