October Weather

October.  This is the month when the blazing autumn colors reach their peak.  The harvest is in full swing and abrupt weather changes are common.  Temperatures can easily reach 80 degrees especially during the early part of the month, yet, fall into the 40s for a high the very next day.  It is definitely a month where if you do not like the weather, something different is likely coming soon. 

Yet for all the weather changes that come this month, the most noticeable is the trend toward colder temperatures.  The average high today is 64 degrees, but on Halloween the average high will only be 48 degrees.  The average low will drop from 41 degrees to 29 degrees.  Plus, with the cooler air becoming more common, the month generally turns cloudier as well. 

One thing is for sure, the next four weeks the weather will likely not be boring