The Plunge

The average temperature in August is roughly 70 degrees, in September that fell to near 60 degrees and this month the average temperature plunges into the middle 40s.  In November the average temperature is just 29 degrees and we are in the grips of winter in December with an average temperature only in the middle teens. 

Although the first frost of the season occurs in September in three out of four years, it is in October that it becomes obvious that winter is coming.  October is also when we often record our first snow flakes of the year.  Although the average first measurable snow does not occur until October 31, trace amounts are often observed earlier in the month.  The average snow fall in October is a mere 0.7 inches, with the average rainfall being 2.15 inches. Of course all these are averages and our year to year variability is quite high. 

You only have to look back at the storm system from this past weekend to know that it only takes one storm to throw the average out the proverbial window.