Few Close Calls

The latest first frost of autumn on record occurred on October 24, 1994.  Our current average first frost is September 30.  Although the first 32 degree or lower reading in 1994 occurred very late, there were several days before that where the temperature dropped to either 34 or 35 degrees before that date. 

The second latest first frost on record occurred back in 2007 when our first 32 degree or lower morning did not occur until October 22.  That was another year when there were numerous days in the 30s before the first official frost.  In fact, on both September 11 and 12, 2007 frost was quite widespread in the area, but the sensor at Hector Int’l only dropped to 36 and 35 degrees those two mornings. 

This year we are also recording a late frost but unlike those other late years, this autumn has had very few near misses.