A Late Frost

A week ago, on October 16, the low temperature at Hector Int’l dropped to 29 degrees.  That was the first time this season that the air temperature dropped to 32 degrees or lower in Fargo Moorhead.  Since records began in 1881 there have been only four other years that the first frost of autumn occurred on a later date.  Those years include the latest first frost on record that was recorded on October 24, 1994 and the other three years were on October 22, 2007, October 20, 1911 and October 19, 1938.  

Although our current average first frost is on September 30, including this year, the first freezing temperature of fall has occurred in October only 40 times.  Meaning slightly less than one year in three does the growing season extend into the month of October locally. 

The average last frost of spring is on May 8, only 197 days away and counting.