Teen Average

Today, October 28, is the average date of our first low temperature in the teens in Fargo Moorhead.  Like so many other “normals” in our climate, the range from that average is considerable.  The earliest morning low in the teens occurred on September 26, 1965 and back in 1944 the first morning low in the teens held off until November 26. 

Of note, back in the autumn of 1965, although September was very cold, in fact, it was the coldest September on record, October and November trended much warmer with even a rare 70 degree November day even being recorded that year.  In more recent years, seven out of the last eight years our first teen occurred after this date. 

Last year our first morning low in the teens occurred on Veteran’s Day when our low was 19 degrees.  We also happened to wake up 1 inch of snow that morning as well.