October Snows

October seems to be one of those months that no one really expects it to snow, yet, when no snow is actually measured, many seem to get surprised by that as well.  One reason perhaps is that October snow has been fairly common in recent years.  Fargo Moorhead averages just 0.7 inches in October. yet five out of the past seven years have recorded  more than one inch of snow.

Historically, measurable snow has occurred in 45% of all Octobers since snow records have been kept, making these recent snowy Octobers seem more typical then it has been historically.  Most years any snow this time of year is in smaller quantities as it only takes 3.8 inches to make it into the top 10 snowiest Octobers on record.  Last year we came close to that finishing as the 11th snowiest when 3.6 inches were measured.

This year we tied with numerous years as the 60th snowiest October on record with just a trace being reported.