First Teen, First Freezing High

Our first low temperature in the teens this season arrived Wednesday when the low reached 17 degrees at the airport.  Our average first teen of autumn is on October 28, so we achieved that milestone close to that average date.  Our average first high temperature at or below freezing is November 9 and we may hit that next week.

Last year our first freezing high occurred on Veteran’s Day, we also recorded one inch of snow that day as well.  In the autumn of 2009 we did not record such a day until December 2.  That was also the latest such occurrence on record. Of note,  the weather turned cold quickly after date and the winter of 2009-2010 ended up finishing with a below average temperature.  On the other extreme, the earliest freezing high in autumn occurred on October 12, 1909.  

If you are curious, that winter also finished with a below average temperature, although, neither winter finished exceptionally cold by our standards.