Haiyan Or Yolanda?

One of the most powerful tropical cyclones on record hit the Philippines last Friday and then moved in southeast Asia over the weekend.  That storm was known as Typhoon Haiyan in international circles, but if you followed this event via the Internet, you may have noticed that some individuals were also referring to the storm as Typhoon Yolanda.  

Yolanda was the name given to the storm by the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAG-ASA).  Any tropical system that has the potential to impact the Philippine islands the PAG-ASA assigns a Filipino sounding name, not necessarily names of people, to the storm to make it easier to be remembered.  The Philippines average around 20 named systems a year, far more than usually impact other countries in the world, making easily recognizable names very important for the country.  

Yolanda was the 24th system named this year by the PAG-ASA.